About Us

*Each morning the children are given a choice of cereal, fruit and toast
with a drink of milk.

Monday Lunch
Fisherman's Pie
Homemade fisherman's pie made with cod in a creamy butter sauce with fresh vegetables topped with fluffy mash potatoes and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese & Fruit sponge and custard

Monday Tea
Toasted fruit loaf
and a selection of fresh fruit

Tuesday Lunch
Chicken Goujons
Homemade chicken goujons with homemade potato wedges and garden peas & mixed berry trifle

Tuesday Tea
Beans on toast
and yoghurt

Wednesday Lunch
Chilli and rice
Fresh mince in a mild chilli sauce with mixed beans on a bed of fluffy white boiled rice & Ice cream and fresh fruit

Wednesday Tea
Homemade vegetable soup and crusty bread
& a selection of fresh fruit

Thursday Lunch
Vegetable Lasagne
Pasta sheets and a delicious sauce made from seasonal vegetables in a rich tomato sauce topped with creamy cheese sauce and a sprinkle of cheddar cheese & Fruit, jelly and cream

Thursday Tea
Freshly made sandwiches and crackers
with creamed cheese & yoghurt

Friday Lunch
Sausage casserole
made with pork and beef sausages, potatoes and fresh vegetables and delicious thick gravy & Fruit yoghurt

Friday Tea
Cheese on toast
and a selection of fruit

For vegetarians, we offer a full range of alternative meals.